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Fri Apr 7 06:30:31 EST 1995

IM>I am looking for novel, aqueous, antimicrobial (antifungal, antibacterial,
IM>etc) agents/compounds that are relatively nontoxic.  Industry and academic
IM>institutions welcome to reply with new stuff they are working with.
IM>Examples include quats, polymeric biguanides, plant extracts, etc.  Will
IM>work with industry using non-analysis agreements, if necessary.  Please
IM>e-mail replies to mignatz at aol.com.  Thanks.


Hi Mike,

Just thought that you should also mention that you work for a company
interested in the commercial application of these compunds - out of
fairness.  I won't post the name, but you might want to.

By the way, the USP will be publishing new proposals for the Sterility
Test, the Antimicrobial Efficacy Test (previously known as the
Preservative Efficacy Test), and Environmental Monitoring.  If you are
interested I will post a synopsis on the BBS.

Scott Sutton

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