sysop at microbiol.org sysop at microbiol.org
Mon Apr 10 06:46:28 EST 1995

I appreciate the mention of the BBS in this FAQ.  For information, the
BBS is up and running and can be accessed at 817-557-0330.  It is
designed to blend both InterNet and BBS tools.  The BBS "world" also has
networks - we offer three:
      FidoNet:  Large and diverse collection of "echoes"
      Health Care Net:  Echoes (newsgroups) of interest to healthcare
         workers and administrators.
      AegisNet:  Files and information on HIV & AIDS

All bionet.* and sci.* forums are online.

The Microbiology BBS also serves as a repository of files with specific
application to the general subject of microbiology (ie mycology,
parasitology, immunology, molecular biology are all welcome).

Full access to the BBS is by subscription (gotta pay the phone bills!).
We plan on gaining full InterNet access as soon as economically
feasible.  During this preliminary period, significant subscription
reductions are available, and providing relevant files will be accepted
as payment for subscription.  The goal is to make this BBS useful.

If there is a service you would like to offer on the BBS, files to
share, or upcoming meetings to announce, feel free to drop me a line.

Scott Sutton
sutton at microbiol.org

The Microbiology BBS                                          817-557-0330 (USA)
      Dedicated to the biologist in industry, academics, and health care.
Providing specialized file collections, and network communication on AegisNet,
 Internet (microbiol.org), FidoNet (1:130/415), HealthCare Net (60:6220/1).

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