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There are: Methylobacter, Methylobacterium, Methylococcus, 
Methylomicrobium, Methylomonas, Methylosinus, and several other 
We relatively often receive red-pigmented nonfermenting bacteria 
for identification. These are found in water, hospital 
environment and even in blood cultures.
We are not specialized in these organisms. FAME-profiling or the 
Biolog system are used for the partial characterizatin (or 

There are also rose-pigmented genera: Roseobacter, Roseococcus, 
Roseomonas, ...


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Subject: methylobacteria
Author:  SE {comers at aol.com}
Date:    1995-04-08 14.29

I am interested in finding out more about methylobacteria--how common it 
is in water supplies, does it exhibit any radiation resistant properties. 
If anyone has heard about or done any research on methylobacterium, if you 
would write to me.  I can then let you know what strains I am particularly 
interested in and specific questions.

Thank you kindly,

JuLee Comer
Comers at aol.com

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