microbes at home

Tue Apr 11 01:26:25 EST 1995

Is it legal to culture and maintain normally occurring bugs (those 
collected from around the house) and keep them as stock cultures in my 
house.  I know this may seem strange but I am trying to write an 
interactive tutorial for microbiology, and I need pictures of them under 
all conditions I can create.  My wife is a photographer and as soon as I 
can obtain a scope we plan on photographing my animals for the program.  
I have a mount for the 35mm camera but I don't have the scope yet.  So I 
figured I'd better see if it was ok to do this in my home.  I do also 
have a seperate fridge and have maintained stock cultures for a mic lab 
at a local community college I attended before transfering to ASU.  
Am I crazy, and is it legal, do I have to obtain permits??

Thanks up front
			michael.steffani at asu.edu

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