Wanted: Microbiology Internet Resources

sysop at microbiol.org sysop at microbiol.org
Tue Apr 11 06:34:56 EST 1995

IJ>I will be giving a presentation on Microbiology Internet Resources at the
IJ>Second Undergraduate Microbiology Conference this May.

IJ>I would appreciate hearing from any of you about resouces you have used
IJ>and your evaluation of them.

IJ>Please reply to me.  I will report back to the newsgroups after the meeting.

IJ>Thanks, Jean A. Douthwright

Please mention the BBS:
                            THE MICROBIOLOGY BBS

An electronic bulletin board specifically aimed at the concerns
of the professional microbiologist is now available.  The
Microbiology BBS is online with four nodes at 817-557-0330.
Email information on this service may be requested from
sysop at microbiol.org.

The objective of this service is to act as a repository for
computer files of interest to microbiologists in industry and
academics.  Examples of these files could range from programs
designed by individual investigators to demonstration programs
supplied by vendors.  A second major function of this service
will be to facilitate communication among workers.  This BBS will
allow for the exchange of mail, files, and information among
users.  In addition, different forums will be presented allowing
for discussion of specific topics.

The current capability of the system is as follows:

- >300 forums now online, including discussion groups from:
       Internet - bionet.* and sci.*
       FidoNet - Large amateur network
       HealthCare Net - Network devoted to healthcare, its'
           workers, and it's administration
       AegisNet - HIV & AIDS information
   Individuals or companies interested in specific forum topics
   (or creating a new one to present on the BBS) should leave
   a note to the "Sysop" (System Operator) for consideration.

- Large file library online - this is one of the fundamental
purposes of the BBS.  Any suggestions or assistance in gathering
more files would be appreciated.   Principle areas of files to
date are Microbiology, Biology, Biostatistics, Biochemistry,
BBS/InterNet, and Medicine.  It is our intention to encourage all
workers to donate any programs of interest to microbiologist,
immunologists, regulatory agencies, or legislators for easy
access by all.  Additionally, private file areas can be created
to meet specialized needs.

- Teleconferences are available for regularly scheduled,
real-time discussions.  Individuals or groups interested in
hosting public or private conferences should contact the sysop
for details.

- E-mail is available over InterNet, over FidoNet (amateur BBS
network), and within the BBS.

- Anonymous "Job Wanted" and "Job Opening" postings on InterNet
and BBS job networks.  This allows for corporations to post jobs
without being flooded with Email and FAX responses (we are!) and
for individuals to "test the waters" for a new position without
jeopardizing their current job.

- Vendor Showcase:  This are is set aside for vendors to
"display" new products and software.  Document databases, images
of new products, demonstration versions of software, and new
product announcements are encouraged.

The Microbiology BBS is accessible through modem at
817-557-0330.  All lines handle 14.4 Kbyte telecommunications.
The system has access to Internet, with plans initiate full
Internet access as early as the degree of subscription interest
justifies the increased expense.

Scott Sutton, Ph.D.
The Microbiology BBS
PO Box 173065
Arlington, TX  76003
817-557-0330 (BBS)
Email:  sutton at microbiol.org

The Microbiology BBS                                          817-557-0330 (USA)
      Dedicated to the biologist in industry, academics, and health care.
Providing specialized file collections, and network communication on AegisNet,
 Internet (microbiol.org), FidoNet (1:130/415), HealthCare Net (60:6220/1).

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