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Noel Fong ez005881 at dale.ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 12 00:50:21 EST 1995

	The Society for Industrial Microbiology will be holding its 
annual meeting in San Jose, California this year from August 6-11.
	Topics to be covered include Vaccines, Bioremediation, The Future 
of Biotechnology, FDA and USDA regulation issues, Eucaryotic Expression 
and Secretion (fungal and mammalian), Biotransformation, Fermentation 
improvement by pathway engineering, Process Monitoring in Fermentation, 
Environmental Probes, Microbial Production of flavors and pigments, 
Tissue Culture process development, Wine Microbiology, Products from 
Marine Microbiology, and Quality Control/Validation.
	Attended by industrial and academic scientists, engineers, 
educators, students, regulatory affairs specialists, and QA/QC people, 
this meeting is a good way to see what's current in Biotechnology and 
Applied Microbiology.
	The format includes platform presentations and poster sessions.  
Deadline for Poster Abstracts is April 21, and the deadline for early 
registration is June 30.  The cost is $ 195 for members, $ 40 for 
students.  To request abstract forms, a meeting program and application, 
and any questions, contact the SIM National Office at 3929 Old Lee 
Highway, Suite 92A, Fairfax, VA 22030-2421.  Tel (703) 691-3357, FAX 
(703) 691-7991 (sorry, no email).
	STUDENTS (all levels:  freshmen thru graduate student) are 
especially encouraged to attend.  This is a good way to meet industry 
scientists, be exposed to career options, and perhaps make contacts for 
that all important first job.  Students are especially encouraged to 
present posters.   There is student housing available for $ 20-25/night.
	For further information and literature, contact the SIM office 
(above).  For short questions, I can be reached by email 
"noel.fong at ucdavis.edu"

					Noel Fong
					Student Outreach Coordinator

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