Australian hemorragic viral disease

Susan T. Bagley stbagley at mtu.edu
Wed Apr 12 12:57:21 EST 1995

BOB MCLEAN <RM12 at swt.edu> wrote:
> Recently in the popular press, there have been stories about a mysterious virus
> in Australia that killed a number of horses and a human.  From accounts in the
> local newspapers in Texas, this virus was related to canine distemper and
> measles.  Does anyone have any information on this virus?
> Bob McLean
> Assistant Professor
> Dept. Biology
> Southwest Texas State University
> San Marcos, TX 78666
> Email:  RM12 at swt.edu

Check this weeks issue of Science.  The cover photo is of this unindentified virus and there is much more detailed information inside.

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