Q. about lambda repressor bind. site

Mr V Mulholland lsrdp at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Thu Apr 13 09:42:05 EST 1995

taylor (patel_p at bms.com) wrote:

: Hi

: 	I had a couple of questions about the bacteriophage lambda 
: repressor binding site:

: 1)  The DNA sequence for which the repressor has the highest affinity

: 2)  Is the affinity increased by the presence of 2 repressor binding
: sites in tandem, and if so, the ideal distance in bp between the two
: tandem sites.

: Any suggestions or refrence leads will be appreciated.

: Thanks in advance

: Prem

: e-mail:  Patel_P at BMS.com

A good place to start would be to look at a book by Mark Ptashne, called
'A genetic switch' published by Blackwell Scientific Press (I don't have
it in front of me but I think I'm correct). A new edition came out last
year. Mark Ptashne has done a lot of work on the lambda repressor so 
looking at some of his papers would also be a good idea (especially the ones
published in Cell.

Vince Mulholland.

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