Tetrazolium red

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Thu Apr 13 14:23:34 EST 1995


I use tetrazolium red to indicate metabolic activity of micro-organisms 
(Pseudomonads) on certain carbon sources. Some references point to the 
usefulness of this method, e.g. J.Lederberg showed that:

- bacteria grown on non- acidifying carbon sources in the agar plate turn 
  tetrazolium red to a red color;
- bacteria grown on acidifying carbon sources (fermentation: glucose, 
  lactose) do not convert terazolium

My problem is, that I seem unable to find out, or at least get some 
literature, on the bacterial enzymes and reactions that convert 
tetrazolium. Lederberg wrote about a "dehydrogenase".

Can anyone give some hints where to look in literature ??

Just wondering what I'm looking at......

thanks in advance,

Marco Simons
Institute for molecular plant sciences
Clusius laboratory
Leiden University
Wassenaarseweg 64
Leiden, the Netherlands


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