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> I use tetrazolium red to indicate metabolic activity of micro-organisms 
> (Pseudomonads) on certain carbon sources. Some references point to the 
> usefulness of this method, e.g. J.Lederberg showed that:
> - bacteria grown on non- acidifying carbon sources in the agar plate turn 
>   tetrazolium red to a red color;
> - bacteria grown on acidifying carbon sources (fermentation: glucose, 
>   lactose) do not convert terazolium
> My problem is, that I seem unable to find out, or at least get some 
> literature, on the bacterial enzymes and reactions that convert 
> tetrazolium. Lederberg wrote about a "dehydrogenase".
> Can anyone give some hints where to look in literature ??
> Just wondering what I'm looking at......
> thanks in advance,
> Marco Simons
> Institute for molecular plant sciences
> Clusius laboratory
> Leiden University
> Wassenaarseweg 64
> Leiden, the Netherlands

Tetrazolium  is acting as a pH indicator.

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