Methanogens and hydrogen

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> Hi,
> Has anybody out there heard of the use of Palladium as an additive for any 
> type of culturing?  I have just used it in methanogen cultures and would like 
> to know if anybody has already tried it.
Mylroie and Hungate (1) described adding H2/palladium black to a
methanogen culture as a reducing agent.  

More recently, Lacy Daniels and coworkers (2) have shown that iron, by
chathodic depolarization, can serve as an H2 source for growth of a
methanogen culture.  More recent studies by them in AEM (I don't have the
ref handy) have shown a variety of other metals can also allow methanogen

1. Mylroie, R. L., and R. E. Hungate. 1954. Experiments on the methane
bacteria in sludge. Can. J. Microbiol. 1: 55-64.

2. Daniels, L., N. Belay, B. S. Rajagopal, and P. J. Weimer. 1987.
Bacterial methanogenesis and the growth of CO2 with elemental iron as the
sole source of electrons. Science. 237: 509-511.

Good luck,

Steve Zinder

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