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IR>Earlier this week I think or last week somebody posted up saying the USP
IR>was thinking about changing some of the testing (sterility, APE and
IR>others I think) and indicated that they could post some information on
IR>it.  If that person is "listening" could you send me a copy of the post
IR>you put up?  My mail server has been kind of flakey lately and I must
IR>have not gotten the post when you put it up before.

IR>Thank you,


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Sure, no problem.

This isn't the exact text, but this _is_ the information.

The USP Subcommittee on Revision for Microbiology has been very busy
behind the scenes lately.  There are three new chapters for microbiology
virtually finished, and a fourth nearing completion (meaning sometime
in 1996).

Environmental Monitoring of Cleanrooms - PF March/April (already
Sterility Testing - PF May/June
Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing - PF July/August
Validation of Microbial Recovery - PF ?
      (PF - Pharm. Forum)

Is this the proper forum for discussion of compendial microbiological
testing?  I have a great deal more information, and some specific
questions (I serve on the subcommittee for the 1995-2000 cycle).  These
issues concern not only specific aspects of the USP testing, but
questions of harmonization of the USP with Eur. Pharm. testing.

I appreciate that my BBS may not be as convenient for this
discussion as I have not yet generated the user base to justify placing
it completely on InterNet.  However, I will be placing a good deal of
information there for subscribers (blatant plea for subscribers to help
with expenses and planned expansion).

In addition to USP, the BBS covers all aspects of microbiology, and we
are developing several projects now with ASM.  The BBS is new, and a
little rough, but I would appreciate comments on how to make it useful
To be frank, I would only ~appreciate~ constructive comments, but go
ahead with the others if you feel you must :-).

Scott Sutton, Ph.D.
sutton at microbiol.org

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