Reporter gene with E.coli promter?

George Munson george-munson at nwu.edu
Tue Apr 18 20:25:03 EST 1995

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> I am looking for a plasmid with a reporter gene (pref. B-gal) under the 
> control of an E.coli promoter sequence. pUC and many of the other plasmids 
> available don't have a complete B-gal gene. (I need a plasmid with a complete 
> one). 
> Any information would be helpful.
> Thank you
> Austen Cohen


The following reference should fufill your needs.  The vectors presented
in the paper are for cloning your own promoter in front of the lacZ
(b-gal) gene and are themselves promoterless.  If you don't care what type
of promoter there are constructs in the paper that demonstrate the
usefullness of the system and they might be willing to provide one of

Final note, I have obtained several reporter plasmids from Dr. Simons and
his lab is very efficient about responding to request.

Here is the reference:

Improved single and multicopy lac-based cloning vectors for protein and
operon fusions, R. W. Simons, F. Houman, N. Kleckner, Gene, vol. 53
pp.85-96, 1987.

Good luck.

George Munson
BMBCB, Northwestern University
Evanston, IL   USA   

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