Sampling frequency for coliform analysis of water

Brian Hoyle brianh at gov.nb.ca
Wed Apr 19 12:27:38 EST 1995

I am supervisor of the microbiology lab for the province of New Brunswick. As 
part of our mandate, we analyze drinking water sources for coliform and fecal 
coliform bacteria under a provincial legislation called the Clean Water Act 
(different from the U.S. version). Our CWA regulations require municipalities 
and other agencies to submit samples for testing each month.

The CWA has only been up and running for a year. Already, for reasons of $$, 
some municipalities desire to cut down the frequency of sampling. I do not 
think that there is a sufficient volume of data to justify altering sampling 
plans. If anyone out here in cyberland has U.S. or Canadian 
CWA experience, HELP!!

If sampling plan alterations are granted, do you need a certain number of 
years worth of data? How many years do you require? Any such info would be 

I'd love to here from others involved in similar water testing.


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