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IH>I am doing an honors biology project on the effects of various mouthwashes o
IH>the bacteria of the mouth.  Information on the key bacteria of the mouth and
IH>the key antibacterial ingredients would be greatly appreciated.  Advice on
IH>where to find related literature on this subject would also be great.

There is a booklet published by the Amer. Society for Microbiology that
you should check out.  It is the first in a series entitled Aspects in
Microbiology, and the book title is "Oral Microbiology."  This booklet
was written by P. Marsh, but I do not remember the year.  Also, any
decent introductory college text on microbiology should have a section
on oral microbiology - check out the local college library.

Main oral flora:
Streptocococcus species, especially S. mutans, S.sanguis, and
    S. salivarius
Lactobacillus casei
Actinomyces species
A host of others

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