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> On 18 Apr 1995, TAnwar wrote:
> > I believe that the Dwarfism might be a Dominant trait.   Therefore both
> > parents would have the alleles for Dd X Dd, and therefore 1/4 possibility
> > for dd (non-Dwarf).
> > 
> > 
>         I am not a eukaryotic geneticist but I recently heard a piece on 
> dwarfism on NPR and Tanwar is right.  The DD genotype is lethal 
> consequently, all dwarfs are heterozygous and can bear children that are 
> not dwarfs.
Achondroplasia, a form of inherited dwarfism is autosomal dominant. Like
most dominant mutations it is generally homozygous lethal. However, a few
rare escapers have been observed. The physical findings are more severe
than the heterozygote.

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