Dr. Michael J. Miller mignatz at mjmiller.roc.servtech.com
Fri Apr 14 20:12:01 EST 1995

Scott, missed you at the last CLI meeting.  Will be at the ANSI meetings
in Ohio next week and ASM in May.  Whatever proposals you have would be
helpful, as Roger D. doesn't seem to want to let any info out earlier than
the P. Forum (or he has no idea of what's going on!).  Anything on
enviromnetal monitoring of barrier isolators?  14 day sterility
incubation?  2 year fungal incubation?!!  Also, are any advisory groups
being formed, or will the micro subcommittee only accept formal, written
responses from industry, academia and professional societies?

Say hello to Ron Berry, Ron Schlitzer, and Cindy McCanally.  How's Joe T
Garcia's, Don Pablo's, Hypermart, and Cow Town?  Are you in Arlington (I
lived on Lacy Court, off Misty Crest/Green Oaks)?  -M


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