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> Hi,
> Earlier this week I think or last week somebody posted up saying the USP 
> was thinking about changing some of the testing (sterility, APE and 
> others I think) and indicated that they could post some information on 
> it.  If that person is "listening" could you send me a copy of the post 
> you put up?  My mail server has been kind of flakey lately and I must 
> have not gotten the post when you put it up before.
> Scott Sutton posted the message last week.  The USP, over the next 6
months or so, will propose, through the Pharm. Forum, changes to the
sterility test, preservative efficacy, environmental monitoring, and
possibly the microbial limits section.  If possible, Scott can provide, to
this newsgroup, some preliminary information.  He reads this newgroup
regularly so we should hear from him o this subject.  I'll post a message
to him, also.  -Dr. Michael Miller


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