Internet VIRUS

Martin Latterich mdhouse at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Apr 20 20:02:22 EST 1995

>        There is a computer cirus that is being send across the
>Internet.  If you receive an e-mail message with the subject line "Good
>Times", DO NOT read the message, DELETE it immediatly.  Please read the
>messages below.  Some miscreant is sending e--mail aunder the the title
>"good times" natioin-wide.  If you get anything like this, DON'T DOWNLOAD
>THE FILE!  It has a virus that rewrites your hard disk, obliterating
>anything on it.


There is *no* such virus as "Good Times" as of today; the virus alert is a
hoax. In addition, *UNLESS* you compile a computer virus containing e-mail
message or expand an attached file that MAY be infected, you *CANNOT*
infect your computer. The mere reading of an e-mail message, or downloading
of a text e-mail message to your computer cannot infect your system.

Please let us concentrate on the "biological" viruses for now.

Thanks for your attention,


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