Awesome visuals for Planetarium Show needed

jonstoke at clark.net jonstoke at clark.net
Fri Apr 21 14:28:49 EST 1995

I am producing a planetarium show on the human body, to be distributed to museum
and school planetariums later this year. The show will use the domed projection
screen of the planetarium to produce dramatic views of "inner space." As part
of the production, I am seeking sources for scanning electron micrographs (SEM),
time lapse microscopic "movies," and/or computer animations of the following
subjects, and will be greatful to receive email from anyone who can help:

Red blood cells (SEM)
Macrophages (SEM)
Bone cells (SEM)
Muscle cells (SEM)
Nerve cells (SEM)
Bacteria (SEM)
Viruses (SEM)
T-cells (SEM)
B-cells (SEM)
Schistosome worm (photograph)
Hair cells of inner ear (SEM)
Rods and cones of retina (SEM)
Taste buds (SEM)
Muscle tissue with neurons connecting (SEM)
Bacteria reproduction (timelapse)
T-cells attacking foreign microbe (timelapse)
Bacterial cells bursting from effect of antibiotics (timelapse)
Viral replication (timelapse)
Virus metamorphosing its protein coating (computer animation)
Any wireframe computer models of viruses that could be computer animated

My academic training is astronomy; I appreciate your help with this!

John Stoke, Sky-Skan, 219 E. Montgomery Street, Baltimore MD 21230
tel. & fax: (410) 547-1438
email: jonstoke at clark.net

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