Awesome visuals for Planetarium Show needed

sysop at microbiol.org sysop at microbiol.org
Sat Apr 22 07:39:00 EST 1995

John Stoke requested the following for a plantearium show of the human

IJ>Red blood cells (SEM)
IJ>Macrophages (SEM)
IJ>Bone cells (SEM)
IJ>Muscle cells (SEM)
IJ>Nerve cells (SEM)
IJ>Bacteria (SEM)
IJ>Viruses (SEM)
IJ>T-cells (SEM)
IJ>B-cells (SEM)
IJ>Schistosome worm (photograph)
IJ>Hair cells of inner ear (SEM)
IJ>Rods and cones of retina (SEM)
IJ>Taste buds (SEM)
IJ>Muscle tissue with neurons connecting (SEM)
IJ>Bacteria reproduction (timelapse)
IJ>T-cells attacking foreign microbe (timelapse)
IJ>Bacterial cells bursting from effect of antibiotics (timelapse)
IJ>Viral replication (timelapse)
IJ>Virus metamorphosing its protein coating (computer animation)
IJ>Any wireframe computer models of viruses that could be computer animated

I cannot provide these files, although I wish I could.  If any one has
any to send, please include me on the mailing.  I established this BBS
to serve as a repository of such files.  The Microbiology BBS should be
serving in this capacity to the biological community.


Scott Sutton

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