Streptomyces adverse health effects

Leonid V Bystrykh Bystrykh at biol.rug.nl
Sun Apr 23 14:28:10 EST 1995

richbyrd at ix.netcom.com (Richard Byrd) wrote:
> Can anyone clue me in to known potential adverse health effects from
> Streptomyces inhalation exposure?  In an office where Streptomyces is
> present people are reporting headaches and some upper respiratory
> effects.  It is not known yet whether other microorganisms are present.
> Rich Byrd
> Dir IAQ Investigations
> Machado Environmental Corp.
> Glendale, Calif.

I expose myself to a smell of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) for 4 years with
no side effects. Never heard of anything dangerous from my collegues in U.K. either.


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