Microbes that eat hydrocarbons and are environmentally safe.

Earth Smart earthsmt at sierra.net
Sun Apr 23 18:46:28 EST 1995

After years of research at the University of Texas, a blend of 13 microbes 
collected from natural oil seeps around the world has been compiled.  This 
blend is proving to be a very effective, cost efficient means of transforming 
any natural hydrocarbon into 100% safe byproduct.  Hydrocarbon refers to the 
most important class of organic compounds that occur in petroleum and natural 
gas.  A partial list of hydrocarbons that are transformed by this blend are:  
gasoline, diesel, indene, benzene, tolulene, tylene, ace napthalene, kerosene, 
methane, paraffin, carbon, coke, coal tar, turpentine oil based paint and many 
others.  This blend is marketed under the name Earth Wise Formula 1 and is FDA 
and USDA approved.  Earth Wise also meets all 1995 EPA requirements for 
bioremediation.  For more information Earth Wise please call Kim at 


Kim Smith
earthsmt at sierra.net

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