"Biolog" ID system

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Tue Apr 25 13:05:22 EST 1995

In article <T.Lewis-180495143127 at mg1_141.plant.utas.edu.au>, T.Lewis at agsci.utas.edu.au (Tom Lewis) writes:
>I am looking into methods for identifying (or at least differentiating)
>bacterial isolates  from soil and sea-water samples.  One such method
>recommended to me is the "Biolog" System.
>Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with this system?
>Are there any other similar systems which I should consider?
>Eventually, I'll be needing to isolate and differentiate approx. 3000
>different strains.
>Tom Lewis

Dear Tom,
	I am currently working on a project known as the Riboprinter(tm)
Microbial Characterization System developed by DuPont.  Our system is
new and will be offered on the commercial market very soon.  Although
our initial database release is concentrated on food-related organisms,
our differentiation/characterization ability is quite excellent.  We have
a technology support lab that could run samples for you if you did not want
to make the investment in a system of your own.  We will have a booth at ASM
so if you will be there and would like to stop by for a look-see, feel free.

	In a nutshell, our technology is a completely automated system in
which we use ribotyping to differentiate bacteria.  Of course, if the 
organism you are looking for is in our database, we would also offer an 
Identification.  I am quite biased, but I think the technology
is very sound.

Good luck,
A.J. McCardell (302 695-3041)

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