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Mark Anthony Pritchard - student design DS-M.A.Pritchard at tees.ac.uk
Tue Apr 25 11:55:02 EST 1995

Dear All,


I must apologise firstly for what at a first glance may seem as a letter 
to the wrong newsgroup. If you can spare a few minutes, please continue 
reading. I need your help, opinions, and general advice.

I am a student studying Industrial Design at Teesside University, 
Middlesbrough , UK, and am in my final year. I am currently designing a 
liquid handling system for use in a laboratory. This system is based 
around the use of 96-well Microtitre plates. The system has a robot which 
dispenses and aspirates small volumes of liquid - 0.5ul - 0.5ml into and 
out of these plates using "automated" pipettes.

The system can have up to nine microtitre plates on the bench at one 
time, with facilities for for washing the pipettes, and the use of 
disposable pipettes.

If anyone uses a similar system in their workplace/labs can you please 
contact me, as I would like to talk to you regarding the system mentioned 
above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

I hope that you don`t mind me posting to this list creating more mail for 
you to read. I hope you may find it relevant. If not, thank you for your 
time, and my apologies.


Mark Pritchard
Email - DS-M.A.Pritchard at tees.ac.uk

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