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Simone Cuff Simone.Cuff at anu.edu.au
Fri Dec 1 06:52:36 EST 1995

amadeus at gemini.ci.uc.pt wrote:
>I am a biology student.I want to know what are the major lines in 
>microbiology reserch . 
>Does any one out there is studing HIV ? If you are can you share 
>with me your results?PLEASE!!
>Oh!How rude I am!I did not introduce myself!So there it goes:
>My name is Cândida and I study in Coimbra,Portugal.
>OK!I am over.Bye!

Hi Candida,

Go to your university library and look up HIV/AIDS/Retrovirology on 
Medline or Current Contents...you will discover that there are whole 
journals only published on those subjects, full of papers with enough 
results to keep you thinking for a decade.  Start by getting an overview 
through something like Field's Virology, then launch yourself in.  Once 
you have an area you are interested in and have studied, if you STILL 
don't have enough information, then try asking over the Net for relevent 
help.  Otherwise it's difficult to know quite what to talk to you about 
or in how much depth.

On the major lines in microbiological research, it depends who you ask!  
The best way to find out what's considered a hot topic at the moment is 
to pick up a recent copy of Nature or Science and look at what's 
discussed there.

Hope that's some help,

Simone Cuff
John Curtin School of Medical Research
Australian National University
Canberra, Australia.

Naturum Primum Cognoscere Rerum.

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