Help on Bacterial ID !!

Hiroyuki Sato sq3h-stu at asahi-net.or.jp
Fri Dec 1 19:26:51 EST 1995

Help on Bacterial ID!
Gram stain mostly negative, large rod, with presence of Gram positive-negative 
oval spore-like bodies only in old colonies.  These two morphs cannot be 
separated on nutrient agar plates.  It seems young colonies show rods but as 
it gets old, it shows spore like formation.  You also can identify germination from 
the spores (or I should call it dormant cyst.)

I almost called it bacillus since old culture gives a scent of iso-valeric acid, colony 
morph resembles bacillus sp.  But from new broth culture or from a new plate, I haven't 
been able to get Gram positive reaction!

If not bucillus, could it be one of those pleiomorphs like Arthro, Brhevi(sp?), or 
Flavobacter?  Any help on this will be appreciated.

Hiroyuki Sato/Japan

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