UV light as bactericidal tool - need info

Caroline Hadley chadley at maths.tcd.ie
Sun Dec 3 15:45:55 EST 1995

	I'm doing my final year project on the efficacy of UV
	light as a bactericidal tool, primarily to determine
	the possibility of replacing chlorination as the 
	standard water disinfection method. 
	I've managed to find quite of bit of information, but
	not much actual experimental evidence from say, the 
	past decade. I would've thought with UV apparatus
	developing at the rate it is, somebody would have 
	done some tests to determine how efficient UV light is
	for killing bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. 
	As far as I can gather, the consensus still seems to 
	be that methods like chlorination are better, with only
	a handful of scientists believing that UV is the 
	safer and more efficient alternative.
	Anyone have any information on this? Anything would
	be appreciated, even hints on where to turn next. Thanks.


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