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Thu Dec 7 04:27:42 EST 1995

>   Just sitting here thinking, and it occurred to me that if the strain of
>yeast used for fermentation influences the taste of the wine that is produced,
>then are there analogous special strains of Acetobacter that have been
>selected for to produce 'fine vinegars'?

The influence of yeast strain on wine flavour (the Muller-Thurgau/Pasteur
controversy) was discussed at a session on wine microbiology during the
Society of Industrial Microbiology meeting last summer in San Jose.  To
summarise, there seemed to be a strong disagreement between speakers
(Californian winemakers, advisors, academics etc.) as to whether the yeast
strain used had any discernable effect .  There may be a certain sales
value in naming the strain used (vinegar manufacturers please note!).

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