help Amer. Microb. Society submision format

Davor Pavisic dp at pip.fpms.ac.be
Thu Dec 7 09:43:20 EST 1995

Hello Guys,

	My girlfriend would like to submit a paper to the ?th. 
	Congress of the American Microbiology Society but she
	can not find the format for submisions... 

	That is, maximum number of pages, paper size, font type,
	fonst size, address and person to contact, etc etc.   

	Is there someone out there who knows where to find such
	information?   http sites, ftp sites, or other where
	I could find info about this?   

	Respond directly to my e-mail address if you 
	wish: dp at pip.fpms.ac.be

	Any help is apreciated   thanx


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