benchtop disinfectant

dwimmer at smartnet.net dwimmer at smartnet.net
Thu Dec 7 20:33:13 EST 1995

Calgon-Vestal's Spor-Klenz works great, as long as you don't mind 
the smell of vinegar. However, since it contains peroxide, it will 
tend to bleach your hair and dissolve soft metals. Wavicide (Wave 
Energy Systems) is my current fave- the odor is not too bad and the 
glutaraldehyde works quite well against spore-formers. Pricey, 
however. Other Calgon-Vestal products you might look into are LpH 
and Vesphene 1-stroke. In a towellete, Cide-Swipes (Available from 
VWR/Baxter) and Sani-Cloths (from the friendly people at Nice-Pak, I 
think) work good. Be sure and try out first before buying- one 
company which I probably shouldn't mention or I'd get sues (but is 
reputable), we used their product as a disinfectant and found it was 
contaminated with Bacillus!

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