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Peter Herman herman at populus.slu.se
Mon Dec 11 06:20:49 EST 1995

Davor Pavisic (dp at pip.fpms.ac.be) wrote:

: Hello Guys,

: 	My girlfriend would like to submit a paper to the ?th. 
: 	Congress of the American Microbiology Society but she
: 	can not find the format for submisions... 

: 	That is, maximum number of pages, paper size, font type,
: 	fonst size, address and person to contact, etc etc.   

The ASM homepage is http://www.asmusa.org/asm.htm

ASM meeting abstracts must be submitted on a special form which has 
complete instructions included on the form. If I am not mistaken, a 
member must sign each submitted abstract, so you friend can probably get 
the form from whoever will sign her abstract. If you can get hold of a 
recent ASM News, the form is included.  I can't remember the deadline but 
it is either just passed or coming up VERY soon. I am on sabbatical and 
my ASM News comes to my home address so I can't be more specific without a 
snowy walk to the library :-) The above web address has contact e-mail 
listings as well.

The only publication that results from an ASM meeting presentation in the
general poster or platform talk segments is an abstract in the meeting
abstracts, thus there is no set paper length, but the abstract needs to
fit into the box on the form in a reasonable type size (12 pt?).  Oral
presentations are 10 min with 5 min for discussion.  Poster talks must fit
on the board provided.  BTW, 80% + of all submitted papers are presented
as posters

Hope this helps


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