Microbial ecology

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Andreas Brune (Andreas.Brune at uni-konstanz.de) wrote:
: In article 
: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951206154328.11529A-100000 at arcturus.oac.uci.edu>,
:    Robert Citek <eaou452 at arcturus.oac.uci.edu> wrote:

: >Does anyone know of a newsgroup or other net source on microbial 
: ecology? 

: To my knowledge this here is the most appropriate newsgroup for 
: any microbial ecology topic (before I get flamed -- besides 
: sci.bio.microbiology :-) We just need to start some interesting 
: threads here...

There is also a symbiosis group by both mail and internet which intersects 
but does not fully include the microbial ecology area--


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