Help wanted: Glucose conc. in minimal media.

Ted Michelini tedm at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Mon Dec 11 00:41:00 EST 1995

	The sad fact is that the E. coli need that carbon! With minimal media 
you are asking the bugs to transform the  media components into the 
empirical formula which is them (CxNyOz etc) and they cannot make more 
cells if they don't have building blocks! I have had some decent results 
using MOPS media with C13 acetate but glucose works much better. Other 
than squeezing out more labeled protein from the given mass of cells 
there is nothing that can be done about having to feed your E. coli.Some 
approaches include limiting on phosphate, which greatly effects DNA 
sysnthesis and cell growth while still allowing protein production, to 
some degree. You can get very fancy with the mass balance, but the 
easiest route is to pay your bugs for an honest days work and spend the 
money, no such thing as a free lunch etc, etc...

good luck

Ted Michelini
Institute of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon
tedm at darkwing.uoregon.edu

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