Kulic Igor kulicir at cip.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Dec 11 18:16:20 EST 1995

                      Please help!

I am deserately looking for a text-book or refernce paper where I could 
look up some standard statstical properies of some common microbes like
E.Coli and similar bacteria.

 I am doing research on some statistical properies of microbes in 
symbisis so I need more ore less exact estimations of folowing 
parametars (i.e. for E.Coli) :

- Size of the microbe
- Speed of reproduction (aproximate doubling time)
- Speed of bacterias motion i.e.through water(approximate)
- Nurrishment
- Poisons lethal for bacterias metabolism
- Other (especially organic) chemicals that affect the bacteria in some 
- Mutationrates under certain conditions

And similar stuff...

    Any hint ,advice or reference would be apreciated

   Thank you in advance !

       I.Kulic ,Department for Theoretcal and
                         Applied Maths Stuttgart Germany

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