Richard Scott Richard at scottp.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 12 19:18:28 EST 1995

I am a 2nd year pre-clinical medical student at Cambridge University (UK); 
A friend (another medic from Cambridge), are travelling in Tibet for 3 
months next summer (July until October) and are interested in carrying 
out a medically related survey.

We will be travelling in 'urban' areas, but probably of more use 
would be the contact we will also have with very rural (including 
nomadic) communities. We anticipate that we will trek in such rural 
(high altitude) areas for at least a month of the 3.

We would be more than happy to carry out a survey as part of someone 
elses research. Possibilities might include surveys into:
(1) immunization programs
(2) disease epidemiology
(3) genetic disease prevalence
(4) water quality (especially water borne diseases)
(5) nutrition
however, we are open to your suggestions.

Thank you very much,
Richard Scott

e-mail: richard at scottp.demon.co.uk

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