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> as long as you don't mind 
>the smell of vinegar. However, since it contains peroxide, it will 
>tend to bleach your hair and dissolve soft metals. Wavicide (Wave 
>Energy Systems) is my current fave- the odor is not too bad and the 
>glutaraldehyde works quite well against spore-formers. Pricey, 
>however. Other Calgon-Vestal products you might look into are LpH 
>and Vesphene 1-stroke. In a towellete, Cide-Swipes (Available from 
>VWR/Baxter) and Sani-Cloths (from the friendly people at Nice-Pak, I 
>think) work good. Be sure and try out first before buying- one 
>company which I probably shouldn't mention or I'd get sues (but is 
>reputable), we used their product as a disinfectant and found it was 
>contaminated with Bacillus!
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The best disinfectant may be one that is not toxic and inactivates
clinically relevant organisms and other organisms present in your
environment which must be microbially controlled. There are very powerful
disinfectants which kill most organisms including Mycobacterium bovis and
which may not be desirable because of their high cost, noxious odors, and
safety issues such as causing eye damage, skin irrititation etc. Strong
agents like these should  be used only as required. For routine use in
keping the industrial or hospital environment clean and under microbial
control, I strongly recommend quats because they are relativey
inexpensive, non-toxic and broad spectrum. From a regulatory standpoint,
the best supported disinfectant is D-125 (dual qaut, D-2 USDA approved)
which is registered with the EPA to kill 63 differerent bugs inlcuding
bacteria, yeast, molds and viruses. It is also one of the few
disinfectants in the world and the only quat based formulation which has
been proven to kill Human Hepatitis B virus.
If you are interested it is available from a small company in NJ:

Microgen Inc.
Box 1281
West Caldwell, NJ  07006
1201 808 01232
Fax:1201 808 6288

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