BSE and Scrapie

Dr. David Rosen drosen
Wed Dec 13 14:57:49 EST 1995

"C:NETGOSPOOLMAIL" <hjrose at mast.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>I have a question about BSE that perhaps someone could answer. The 
>theory is that the scrapie agent has somehow mutated and changed into a 
>form that infects cattle and other mammals, such as cats. Cattle 
>infected with the BSE agent can start to show symptoms within a couple 
>of years. Why then is it that the same mutated scrapie agent is not 
>expected to cause symptoms in humans for 20-30 years ?
>Howard Rose
>hjrose at mastgrp.com
	I think that the prion-protein that gets "mutated" may not 
be present in humans. We have slightly different proteins.  I am not
sure, but it sounds right.  Anyone else have an idea.
	Lets not call this a "mutation," as no DNA or RNA is 
involved.  How about "reconfigured?"
drosen at inxs.chem.duke.edu

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