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Doug Rice drice at drice.ehs.colostate.edu
Thu Dec 14 09:58:46 EST 1995

In article <8427470814121995.A33885.FRIN.119C722F1800*@MHS> hugh.griffin at bbsrc.ac.uk (Hugh Griffin) writes:

>Announcing a new web site for microbiology containing links to microbiology 
>institutes, organizations, journals, culture collections, newsgroups, protocols, 
>information, and directories

What's the address?.
Doug Rice:  Laboratory Director; Environmental Quality Laboratory 
Microbiology of water, food, soil, and air. 
Colorado State University:  Ft Collins, Colorado. 
e-mail:  drice at vines.colostate.edu     voice:  (970) 491-6503

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