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> Hi,
> does anybody know how to isolate nonmotile mutants of Pseudomonas
> Or to prevent motility of this bug somehow? 
> Thanks,
> Cristina
> University of Aberdeen 
> Scotland

   Make an agar growth medium with a low "sloppy" concentration of agar
(about 0.35%).  Pour plates.  Inoculate the bacterium into the center of
the plate & incubate.  As nutrients are depleted, bacteria will swim out
in a ring.  Sample from the point of inoculation after a few days. 
Nonmotile or nonchemotactic bacteria will be enriched here.  
   If necessary, repeat this selection for several cycles.

   We used this approach to isolate motile variants of a bacterium (Lara
and Konopka, J. Gen. Micro. 133:1489-1494), but have subsequently found it
also works well for selection of nonmotile strains.  Original idea comes
from Julius Adler's early work on bacterial chemotaxis.

Allan Konopka

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