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Peter Herman herman at populus.slu.se
Fri Dec 15 03:14:05 EST 1995

Gunnar Bratbak (Gunnar.Bratbak at im.uib.no) wrote:
: Do anyone have a suggestion for a text book in microbial ecology? The one 
: we used before, Lynch and Hobbie: Micro-organisms in Action, is out of 
: print.

In my experience, the broadest based and most comprehensive of the texts
is Atlas and Bartha, Microbial Ecology, Fundementals and Applications
(Benjamin/Cummings, ISBNm 0-8053-0653-6).  The 3rd ed. is 1992 and
represents considerable updating from the 2nd ed.  It is good in that it
covers all environments and not just soil or water.  In general, its
arrangement is by topic rather than enviroment, so it deals with
enumeration problems or population interactions in all environments rather
than having a soil section with everything, water section with everything

If this is more book or more money than you want for your class, try 
Stolp's paperback in the Cambridge Series.  While it is a little thin, it 
provides good (though now a little old) refrences, is reasonable in 
price, and does a nice job in the area of water activity vs water 
potential which is a real problem when microbiologists and ecologists try 
to talk to each other!


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