Gram Negative Bacteria and Benzalkonium Chloride??

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>I am looking for any information pertaining to 0.13% Benzalkonium
>Chloride antiseptic solution <<Bactene>>.  I have heard that it habors
>gram negative bacteria and that it has maximum of 28 days of open
>bottle life.  After which point it is considered contaminated.  Is
>this true?  The information I was given came, I believe, from a
>periodical from Stanford Medical Library.

Benzalkonium Chloride is not a preservative or disinfectant I would use
for Gram Negative bacteria.  When I formulate a product and need a broader
spectrum, I add 1-2% phenoxyethanol to kill the Gram Negatives.  The
D-value for _Pseudomonas_ with only benzalkonium chloride is not fast
enough to remain self-sterilizing see my new book from Marcel Dekker
edited by Don Orth and Jon Kabara: _Principles of Self Preserving Cosmetic
and Drug Formulations_ to be published early in 1996.

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December 15, 1995
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