SRB, Iron Bacteria, etc.

Miaswarts at aol.com Miaswarts at aol.com
Sat Dec 16 23:12:24 EST 1995

Dear Fellow Netters,

I would like to open a discussion on sulfur and iron bacteria ecology.  Does
anyone out there have field experience they could share relating to these
organisms or suggest any good references?  I am looking for more specific
examples and info than can be found in Standard Methods such as (but not
limited to): 

1) visual identification based on tuberculations, slime, or floc
 characteristics for specific organisms
2) examples of MIC and associated organisms
3) conditions that affect growth in different environmental situations
4) treatment of contaminated waters including domestic and industrial water

Please post to the list, or e-mail me directly and I will forward responses
to the list.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!

Maria Swarts
miaswarts at aol.com

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