Catalase inactivation of hydrogen peroxide

DPrince225 dprince225 at aol.com
Tue Dec 19 11:34:39 EST 1995

I am wondering about the possibility of catalase in blood acting to either
minimize or prevent disinfection by peroxide based disinfectant
formulations. Does anyone know the level of catalase in human blood or
surrogate bloods such as rat or rabbit? Does anyone know the rate at which
catalase works?  Will catalase itself be destroyed by high concentrations
of peroxide e.g., greater than or equal to  5%?  Does a catalase challenge
seem to be the worst case or most difficult experimental condition to
study peroxide disinfectant efficacy? Is catalase present in serum and if
so at what concentration? Lastly, how stable is catalase in blood spills
i.e., blood which has been spilled on a surface or has collected on a
surgical instrument? Thank you for your help. I am planning an experiment
to answer these concerns.


dprince225 at aol.com
dprince225 at aol.com

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