Future in Biology as PhD, can I earn living?? HELP!

Charles charles at ucsd.edu
Mon Dec 18 23:58:13 EST 1995

I'm microbiology major and planning to go to medical school on 97.
I recently got bunch of applications from some schools for biology graduate 
progrms for PhD in 4 years.

Until now I've been only thinking about going medical school and have career 
in practice clinical work with people.  However, I also LOVE research and 
currently very involved with heart surgery in rat.

Well... if I decide to go to biology for PhD, I think I should know what I 
would be expecting after I get out and get PhD.  What kind of jobs are 
available and how much would I be making.

I was into business when I was in high school and first two year of college 
and was making ok money but still pursued in medical field because money was 
not much matter for me.  I can make more money in business than becoming a 
doctor but business was not for me and etc.
Anyway, the reality is that I'll have family in future and I have to make at 
least some money to put some food on the table for my family and stuffs.

So, if you are PhD or know about it... could you tell me what kind of careers 
are in biology PhD (I'm thinking about going bioengineering or something 
related to cardiology) and HOW MUCH WOULD I BE EXPECTING TO MAKE?

Thank you very much.

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