Electron transport Inhibition

Michael Galperin galperin at biotek.mcb.uconn.edu
Thu Dec 21 09:52:57 EST 1995

 Mark Fuller <mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov> writes:

>Does anyone have some general guidelines for inhibiting electron 
>transport?  I plan to work with rotenone antimycin A and 
>2-N-heptyl-4-hydroxyquinolane-N-oxide and pure cultures of bacteria.  
>What is the recommended concentrations for these compounds? 
	Of these three only HQNO (10-50 microM) worked in E.coli 
in my hands. I tried up to 0.1 mM rotenone, but to no avail. These 
were wild-type strains, though. 
	You might want to try piercidin (sp?) and/or amytal. Amytal 
(5 mM) was succesfully used by M. Eisenbach in E.coli. You'll need a 
special permision to use it (it's a barbiturate). 

>Are there any special culture conditions that should be maintained 
>to allow these compounds to work?
	Stationary-phase E.coli have cyanide-resistant respiration and a 
bunch of other nice features. You will be better of starting with log-
phase cells.

>Any advise, especially refererences, would be greatly appreciated.
	Let me know, what exactly you're looking for. I'll have to dig 
out of the snow and get to my desk...

>Mark Fuller, Ph. D.

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