Sterilizing with alcohol?

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>>I need to sterilize some electrodes.  If memory serves, a biologist 
>>friend once told me that 70% alcohol works well as a disinfectant.  
>>Is this true?  If so,
>>(1) ethanol or isopropanol?
>>(2) why 70% instead of 100%?

>(1) Both should work, but I never used i-Propanol myself.

Isopropanol is used by people, who need large volumes. Isopropanol is less 
expensive than ethanol. That's why!

>(2) 70% EtOH is supposed to be more efficient killing Gram + cells.
>    The usual explanation is that 100% EtOH immediately dehydrates the
>    murein sacculus which can be very thick with Gram + bacteria
>    and then efficiently seals the cytoplasm from contact with the
>    alcohol (seemingly logical but to my knowledge not published 
>    anywhere ...)

>If you are attempting to sterilize electrodes make sure to soak them
>long enough to allow the sterilant to diffuse into any crevices. If you
>are using filling solutions behind a sinter glas diaphragm regard this 
>a possible contamination pathway as well.

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