Candida parapsilosis Contamination

Charles N Haas haascn at dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu
Wed Dec 20 21:48:30 EST 1995

Theodore C. Crusberg (crusberg at wpi.edu) wrote:
: I am trying to help a group deal with contamination of a medical
: device by Candida parapsilosis.  A rather thick mat of the organism

Ted - Interesting question.  In the 1970's, for my PhD work,
and related research being conducted at the University of Illinois
Urbana (in environmental engineering), I did work with parapsilosis.

We had found this and related yeast organisms fairly ubiquotous in
waters and wastewaters, and also moderately resistant to chlorine
and ozone (at least related to the enterobacteria and viruses).

My suspicion is that you will need to go to fairly strong
disinfectant concentrations, and also that the mat may be
exerting a large disinfectant demand that needs to be counteracted.

e-mail directly if you want to follow up.

CN Haas, Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering
Drexel University, haascn at post.drexel.edu

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