summer work

H.C. Pearce MIC4HCP at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Dec 21 11:14:34 EST 1995

	My name is Helen Pearce and I am a 2nd year microbiology student 
studying at Leeds University. I am coming over to America (between New York 
and Ontario) in the summer of '96 (roughly mid-July to mid-Sept.) I was 
hoping to be able to get some work in the mirobiological field during this 
	My main interests in microbiology are virology and immunology, and i 
enjoy the practical work. I am hoping to go on to do a phd in a combination 
of these skills.
	I have a varied non-academic life. I do a lot of orienteering, 
theatre work and performing music. These have all helped me in developing 
teamwork skills.
	If there is any possiblitiy of work suitable for me which you know 
about, please contact me directly on mic4hcp at south-02.novell.leeds.ac.uk 
(although i am on holiday until the middle of Jan)
	Thank you,
		Yours sincerely
			Helen Pearce

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