Sterilizing with alcohol?

Dr. Michael J. Miller mignatz at mjmiller.roc.servtech.com
Thu Dec 21 23:56:27 EST 1995

There are chemical disinfectants that have sterilizing claims, such as
J&J's Cidex (alkaline glutaradehyde, 2%).  Disinfect for 10 min
(virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal); sterilize for 10 hours (sporicidal

Otherwise, you can use 70% IPA, 3% hydrogen peroxide, dilute sodium
hypochlorite (500 ppm), or a variety of surface disinfectants (e.g.,
quats), depending on the electrode's compatability with these types of
chemicals.  If they can withstand autoclaving and you absolutely need to
sterilize, go this route (121 degrees C for 15 min).  Otherwise, high
level disinfection with the chemicals listed above should be sufficient.

Unless you are working on humans in a clinical or hospital setting, don't
worry about sterility assurance levels, spore log kill, Fo values, etc. 
If you are, then you should be following the guidelines the hospital uses
for sterilization of medical devices as per AAMI.  Hope this helps!


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